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\ April 17th. 2021, 5:30pm(in JPN time)〜 START!/

SWITCH × ♪- live music -​ Enjoy from your heart


JR STATION SWITCH is a member-only workspace directly connected to JR Yokohama Station.

"SWITCH x 〇〇" is a series events, which giving everyone chance to realize their own possibilities.

This time, Minichestra is going to collaborate with STATION SWITCH! The performance stage will be in the Work space!

The 5 instruments of violin, cello, double bass, flute, piano...
Why don't you relax by the wonderful sounds played by the instruments?
It's not just a concert.

We will have an interactive session with the audience, response to song requests and questions during the performance!

Let`s experience the refreshment and relaxation moment together on the screen!
Happy to have you join us!



|Event info|
Time:5:30pm-7pm(in JPN time)

1. Participate in STATION SWITCH Yokohama

Reserve your seat from the following link (Japanese) and then join us at the STATION SWITCH Yokohama

2. Watch online



1. First 5 people

2. First 200 people

Participation Fee:FREE


〜 Time Zones 〜

Japan / Tokyo - 5:30pm

Australia / Melbourne / Perth -  6:30pm

Taiwan / Taipei -  4:30pm

Philippine / Manila - 4:30pm

Malaysia / Kuala Lumpur - 4:30pm

HongKong - 4:30pm

Indonesia / Jakarta - 3:30pm

Thai / Bangkok - 3:30pm

Vietnam / HoChiMinh - 3:30pm

Cambodia / Phnom Penh - 3:30pm

India / Mumbai - 2:00pm

Sri Lanka / Colombo - 2:00pm

Pakistan / Islamabad - 1:30pm

UAE / Dubai - 0:30pm

Russia / Moscow - 11:30am

Saudi Arabia / Riyadh - 11:30am

Germany / Dusseldorf - 11:30am

West Europe - 10:30am

Egypt / Qahirah - 10:30am

Great Brain / London - 9:30am

Tunisia / Tunis - 9:30am

Brazil / Rio - 5:30am

Argentina / BuenosAires : 5:30am

USA / NewYork - 4:30am

Chile / Santiago- 4:30am

Canada / Ottawa - 3:30am

Venezuela / Caracas - 3:30am

Mexico / MexicoCity- 2:30am

Peru / Lima - 2:30am

USA / LosAngels-SanFrancisco - 2:30am


|How to participate|
1. For Japanese local participants: 
Reserve your seat from the following link (Japanese) and then join us at the STATION SWITCH Yokohama (JR Yokohama Tower 12th floor).

2. For online Participants: Click the "Watch Online" button at the top of this page or Instagram Live.

|Profile of the performers|
Minichestra is a young professional music team formed in 2016, managed by Minichestra Inc.
All members are young and talented musicians active both in Japan and abroad. With the instruments of violin, cello, double bass, flute, and piano, they present music programs to the world that combine diverse cultures and contents. We have performed at major business schools, educational institutions, embassies, the Churaumi Aquarium (Okinawa), and Konkai Komyoji Temple (Kyoto).Overseas, we have toured in Singapore and Taiwan, and in 2019, made a guest appearance at the Japan event "Connichi"

in Kassel, Germany (over 100,000 participants).
Minichestra also focuses on SDGs, such as holding regular concerts for kids, eldery persons, refugees and people with disabilities.
In recent years, we have also joint projects with local governments and tourism associations, online music streaming, and projects to promote music in the business field.

(♪)Minichestra official website
>> Instagram / Twitter / Facebook Youtube



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