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What's Minichestra


A new style of orchestra that changes the world

『 Minichestra(ミニケストラ)』は、ミニ( mini )+オーケストラ( orchestra )の造語から成り、
ヴァイオリン・チェロ・コントラバス・フルート・ピアノという独自の 5 つの楽器によって編成される



2019年にはカッセル(ドイツ)にて行われたジャパンイベント『Connichi(コンニチ)』にてゲスト出演を果たし、2,000人規模の Kongress Palais Kassel をはじめとする会場での全 3 公演満員御礼、また2023年にもデュッセルドルフ(ドイツ)にて開催された『Japan Tag Düsseldorf / NRW(日本デー)』メインステージでゲスト出演し、一万人を超える聴衆

2023年7月『DoKomi 2023』(ドイツ・デュッセルドルフ)出演予定。

"Minichestra" is our original terminology and concept based on the “mini” + “orchestra”, and is a professional orchestra team with the original instrument format of the violin, cello, contrabass, flute, and piano.


The performers are talented Japanese professional musicians, then play various music genres, including classical, pop, jazz, and nursery rhymes, with a primary focus on Japanese anime songs. 


We are expanding our activities not only in Japan but also in countries around the world by leveraging our great teamwork and mobility capability to a select few, as well as the high level of individual ability.


Minichestra was formed in December 2016 and incorporated in January 2017, and had lots of overseas concert tours, mainly in Asia and Europe, such as Singapore, Taiwan, and Germany, and also visited embassies in France, Germany, Italy, Taiwan, and other countries. 


Minichestra achieved numerous initiatives such as joint promotional projects aiming at regional revitalization working closely with local governments, producing music concerts at unique venues, and outreach performances for a wide range of generations.


In 2019, Minichestra made guest appearances at the Japanese event “Connichi” held in Kassel (Germany), and achieved a full house for all three performances with a capacity of 2,000 people. Also in 2023, was invited to be the main stage guest of the "Japan Tag Düsseldorf / NRW (Japan Day)" organized in Düsseldorf (Germany) and performed in front of over 10,000 audiences along with favorable notices. Receives a great reputation and tremendous acceptances from overseas in this way.


As of May 2023, Instagram followers have exceeded 64,000.


Minichestra is invited to make guest appearances at July 2023, "DoKomi 2023".

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