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Culture and International Partnership


Performance and Initiatives Recognized Worldwide





Minichestra Inc, has been moving business forward with a view to Japan and the world.

Our primary focus is to spread the word and expand the scale of our business by expanding the wide range of activities mainly in Asian and European countries, such as producing overseas performance tours in Singapore and Taiwan, and guest appearances at large-scale Japanese events in Germany and India.

Japan and its arts and culture are highly regarded around the world, however they are still not very well recognized even in Japan. There is a lack of knowledge and know-how to disseminate the attractiveness of Japan overseas. 

The reality is that there is a gap between the demands of the world and the management of overseas expansion in Japan, while their understanding the actual local life, language, and the latest culture and situation is insufficient.


At our company, we will engage in business activities by formulating innovation strategies from a global perspective, and will communicate the various attractions of Japan through music under the leadership representative who is active on the front lines of a major global company, 

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