Minichestra Ambassador Program

~ Category and Benefits ~


As of Sep 25th, 2020, Minichestra only has English and Japanese contents yet. In order to make the contents familiar to your country, the following Minichestra official contents have to be translated into your language.

At this moment, we update the contents with the following frequencies. We expect the ambassadors to translate them within 6~7 days for the low frequency, 2~3 days for middle frequencies and 1 day for high frequency.

Frequency : Low  (ad-hoc)

Contents : Website

Due Date : within 6-7 days

Frequency : Middle (1 day per week)

Contents : Youtube, Facebook, Twitter

Due Date : within 2-3 days

Frequency : High (2~3 days per week)

Contents : Instagram

Due Date : within 1 day

Don't worry about the content length. As you see our SNS contents, we don't write down long text. Also it's up to your schedule. If you're busy in a certain period, we can be flexible.

We expect to use Google Drive (Doc, Spreadsheet and Slide) to share original English contents.



Sharing website and SNS on your SNS and/or with your friends after the translation. We Minichestra stuff team creates contents first in English then ambassadors who have time to translate them into your language. We'd love to track how many people do reaction. If English is spoken in your country, you don't wait for translation work. Just share the contents Minichestra stuff team create! 

We expect to use Google Drive (Doc, Spreadsheet and Slide) to share the translated contents.


Payment checkout is an important key for fans to enjoy our recorded high quality sounds on the music streaming page. Minichestra stuff team works closely with you together to see if the checkout works well. Therefore we offer special price (e.g., $1 per month for a Chilean ambassador with the subscription .vs $1.5 per month for list price). ​Please don't cancel the subscription for the first 3 months least once you subscribe.

And if needed, Minichestra stuff team is glad to schedule a web video conference on Google Meet to catch up the latest status, topics and more.


We really appreciate your supports so here are the benefits for you. Recorded rehearsal and live videos that are not exposed publicly would be shared on bi-weekly basis. The videos are only for you!

Translation - recorded rehearsal and live videos

Promotion - recorded rehearsal and live videos

Subscription - special price offering, video conference catchup, recorded rehearsal and live videos

And for all ambassadors, we Minichestra will build a new page for ambassadors. On the page, we can put your name as an ambassador credit!

Thank you very much!

- Our Minichestra 

If you want Minichestra to start the ambassador program in your country, just let us know! As of Sep 25th, 2021, it's only available for Chile. We will consider your request to make it happen!

Thank you very much! We will take a look at your submission.