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​高宮城 凌

Ryo Takamiyagi


幼少期から数々のコンクールにて上位入賞。いしかわミュージックアカデミー2008にてIMA音楽賞を受賞。これまでに、マルメ交響楽団、琉球交響楽団、群馬交響楽団と共演。ヴァイオリンを高宮城徹夫、屋比久潤、原田幸一郎、神谷美千子の各氏に師事。サントリーホール室内楽アカデミー第3期フェロー。MUSIC STATIONや紅白歌合戦など数々のテレビ番組にてサポートメンバーとして出演。レコーディングやライブ、コンサートなどジャンルの垣根を越え幅広く活動中。


Interview​ ♪

▶︎ Q1 : あなたの名前と演奏している楽器は?

Whats your name and what instrument do you play?

ヴァイオリンを演奏しております、高宮城 凌です。

My name is Ryo Takamiyagi. I play the violin.

▶︎ Q2 : ニックネームは何ですか?

Whats your nickname? 


Some people call me "Takamii" or "Miyagisan, but since my last name is long and unfamiliar, I have about 10 other nicknames lol  In the Minichestra, everyone calls me "Sho-nen". (meaning "a boy" in Japanese)

▶︎ Q3 : 楽器をはじめたきっかけと、何故プロの音楽家になろうと思ったのか、教えてください。

The reason you started playing that instrument and why you decided to become a professional musician?


I started playing the violin because of my father. When I was in first grade, I admired violinist Ryu Goto and I strongly wanted to be a  professional musician.

▶︎ Q4 : その楽器の魅力は何ですか?

Whats an attractive point of your instrument?


I think the attractive point is the range of tones. It is an instrument that can sing and talk.

▶︎ Q5 : プロとして普段どんなことに気をつけていますか?また、どのようにモチベーションを保っていますか?

Is there anything you keep in mind as a professional and how do you keep your motivation?


I try to empathize with the song I am playing, such as the lyrics of the original song, or in the case of classical music, the life of the composer and the situation at that time. It's really difficult to keep myself motivated on my own, but I'm always inspired by the wonderful musicians around me, and I want to have a conversation with them through sound! That is always the source of my energy.

▶︎ Q6 : 演奏中のハプニングエピソード、そしてそれをどう乗り越えたのか教えてください。

Do you have any episodes of accident (or you surprised) during the performance and how did you deal with it?



The biggest thing that happened in my life was when I was a freshman in college. One time when I had a concert, I left my score at the back of the stage.. Luckily, I rehearsed more than 10 times before the real performance, so I just believe myself and played from my memory lol

Also, I tried to forget small mistakes like wrong notes or noises as soon as possible during the performance and try to focus on the next note. I think I could switch my mind a little bit faster than before!

▶︎ Q7 : 休日のリフレッシュ方法は何ですか?

Whats your way to refresh yourself during the holidays?


I listen to my favorite music at a cafe!

▶︎ Q8 : ​日本でオススメしたい場所やモノは何ですか?

Any recommendations of places to visit (or things) in Japan?


I like the streets of Asakusa and eating Tendon!

▶︎ Q9 : もしあなたが音楽家でなかったら、どんな仕事をしていたと思いますか?

If you were not a musician, what kind of work would you be doing?


I would be a chef.  I feel like the way they express their own passions and move people's hearts are very similar to the musician.

▶︎ Q10 : あなたが思う、Minichestraの魅力を3つ教えてください。 

What do you think are the three most appealing points of the Minichestra?




・I like the way everyone communicates and does their best to create during the real performance.

・Members are ambitious and work together as a team.

・Everyone is a professional in their own role. Im always inspired to do my best.

▶︎ Q11 : これまでのMinichestraの活動の中で、一番印象に残っていることは?

What left an impression the most in the activities of the Minichestra so far?


Reactions and smiles of the audience at our regular concerts and visiting performances. I think the best part of a performance is sharing the time with the audience. It gives me a lot of energy.

▶︎ Q12 : Minichestraで演奏する曲の中で一番気に入ってる曲は?

Whats your favorite music that you played in Minichestra?


Hmm.. Its very hard for me to choose just one, but I would say "Utakata Hanabi" is the best!

▶︎ Q13 : Minichestraとして、あなたはどこの国へ演奏しに行ってみたい?

What country would you like to go to perform as the Minichestra?


I want to go to a big city in Germany or France and play in front of an unbelievably large audience!

▶︎ Q14 : これからチャレンジしてみたいことはありますか?

Is there anything you would like to challenge in the future?


I want to be able to play many types of music!

▶︎ Q15 : Message to everyone!



I'm looking forward to playing in an ensemble with other great members and giving everyone an impressive performance!I would be happy if you all support me 🙇‍♂️

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